3rd Edition

By Lyn & Ed Readicker-Henderson

The far north was once a land feared by many, traveled by few. Now it's the kind of place people travel hundreds of miles to visit. This quiet sanctuary of quiet rivers and lakes that come in all shades of blue and green, is also home to some the most unusual wildlife in the Americas caribou, bison, whales, musk oxen.
This is the most detailed guide to traveling the Alaska Highway, a road that is a feat of engineering in itself. The authors detail all the major towns along the way from British Columbia through the Yukon to Alaska and Prudhoe Bay, including Fairbanks, Anchorage, Dawson City, Skagway, and more. You'll also find information on sidetrips along alternate highways: the Top-of-the-World, the Haines, the Stewart-Cassiar, the South Klondike, the Richardson and the Glen. A one-stop resource for Alaska-bound travelers, this book has over 30 maps and color photos.


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By Lynn & Ed Readicker-Henderson

The focus of this book is the Alaska Marine Highway, which serves as a lifeline for many coastal communites in Alaska. This ferry system a total of nine boats links tiny coastal communites and large cities alike. It runs from Washington, up the Inside Passage, all the way to the Aleitians in the far north, a total of 3,500 miles.

The Adventure Guide to The Inside Passage & Coastal Alaska follows this route, telling you everything you need to know about the ships themselves, the sights and the towns. Tours on land flightseeing, kayaking, canoeing, boating are covered. The book is targeted at anyone traveling in this region, not just those taking the ferry, and has full information on what to see and do in each town, where to stay and eat and how to get out of town. Extensive details about wildlife, including the best places to see some, and how to be an eco-conscious traveler.


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By Larry H Ludmer

Concise, easy-to-read information fills every page of this bestseller. Unlike most cruise guidebooks, Cruising Alaska puts the emphasis on hard facts not pretty pictures. Every detail is here, including stateroom size, passenger-crew ratio, dining options, current cruising routes, ship decor, onboard facilities and more. A candid analysis of the routes is given for every ship in Alaska this season, with details on the highlights, as well as what is missed. Maps, index.


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